Give Your Kids Some Time To Adjust In Their Own Bed

Give Your Kids Some Time To Adjust In Their Own Bed
  • Your child is stepping closer to becoming a more reasonable person but at times she may need more than usual to adjust to some new things, such as adjusting in her own bed. Give your little one time, to get used to sleeping on her own bed.
  • Initially she may be a little scared and come to you in the middle of the night asking to sleep with you. Let her lie with you for a little while, but then gently but firmly take her back to her own bed. Sit with her till she falls asleep.
  • The shift from the crib to the bed can be a tough one for your child. Learning to sleep all by herself might not be a very pleasant idea to her tiny mind. Allow her the time to adjust, before you completely leave her to her own measures.
  • With no wind chimes above her bed to keep her company and no hand rails to save her from falling off, there is a very good chance that your little one will resist every effort to sleep in the bed. At this time you need to be firm but patient. Croon her to sleep.
  • Tell her a bed time story so that she dozes off before you leave the room or switch off the lights. In case your child is not very comfortable in a dark room put a small night light that keeps a certain brightness in the room so that she may sleep comfortably. Gradually, she will get used to her separate room and an individual bed.