Give Your Kids Your Exclusive Time

Give Your Kids Your Exclusive Time

At this stage, time is perhaps the best thing you can ever gift your child.

Time, wherein you don’t really need hours and hours. All you need is few minutes of undivided attention and that makes all the difference.

So, when those few minutes you decide to sit with your child, ensure that he gets an undivided attention from you. Keep your work and calls aside and listen to him with apt. attention. It is quite possible that what your little one blabbers is irrelevant and doesn’t interest you any bit, but that is certainly not a reason why you shouldn't be listening to him.

Make him feel the most important person in those few minutes. What might be just few minutes, is actually is the sum of the whole day for your kido. So make sure that more than the quantity of the time, the quality is worked upon. This is actually the fundamental of creating a lifelong bond with your little one.