Handle Adamant Behavior With Patience And Understanding

Handle Adamant Behavior With Patience And Understanding
6 to 7 years tip

Your child realizes his individual identity more than ever now. With growing up comes a sense of ''self'' in the kids. Which sometimes amounts to them taking decisions that are opposed to your thought process or ideas. In a situation such as this parents often lash out and make the kids feel as if they have no right to their own thoughts. This sows the seeds of future defiance among the kids. In order to avoid this from happening, allow your kid a fair hearing for any act that he may have committed which goes against your ideals.

Allow him to keep his point of view and listen to it like you would listen to an adult. Your expressions and body language while you listen to him will play an important role since the kid will subconsciously pick up whether you are genuinely interested in listening to his reasons or simply feigning an interest. So, give your child a sincere attention and the defiance will not take roots.