Hassles of Punishing Your Child !

Hassles of Punishing Your Child !

Punishing your child is required, but as a parent you must know how much you can push yourself in doing that. At this age, kids are not able to connect between behaviour and punishment. What they interpret from your behaviour is that it is ok to punish or hit someone when you are angry.

1. Punishment only cause hurt, anger and disappointment about self, along with grief, fear and distrust. It can lead to poor social skills, anxiety and depression when children reach adulthood.

2. Giving repeated punishment can make your child stubborn and impertinent. Your child may eventually lose interest in you also. So, think before you steep up your punishments for him.

3. Punishment can hurt his emotional and social development and interactions in the long run. Always remember that it is likely to do more harm than good.

4. Your child might repeat the same bad behaviour just to seek attention.

5. Punishing your child might change his behaviour for short term (rather just in front of you) but it doesn’t solve the problem at all. It simply teaches him that if he break rules he will suffer negative consequences.

6. Punishment only provokes fear in your children. It does not teach a child anything other than it is alright to hurt others.

7. Punishment does not help raise great kids. That just makes kids dislike their parents and disrespect them.