Have A Mock Fight Over Your Kid To Show Your Love

Have A Mock Fight Over Your Kid To Show Your Love
2y to 3y

Your child needs to see that you love him, and love him more than you love anyone else. And he needs to see and feel that often and in various ways.

It is your responsibility to ensure that your child gets what he wants emotionally. While surely you do many things that makes your child feel loved, do you know that your child or for that matter any child feels particularly good when he is loved rather possessively? Sometimes it is just fine to show your child that he is the only one you love and care about. Pick a mock fight with your spouse and show that your little one is loved more than anyone else.

Your child will feel immensely happy that he is being fought for. In his own way he will feel that he is indispensable in your life. Making your child happy and secure is primary and is probably the most important thing that you can do for him at this point of time. It is this unflinching love that makes his little world secured and peaceful in many ways. So, as parents you need to make sure that in whichever way you can, show your little one that he is loved and probably loved more than anyone else in this world. Remember, nothing beats your love and care for your child.