Have Fun With Your Kid On a Windy Day!

Have Fun With Your Kid On a Windy Day!

When the weather is windy, it is quite pleasant and definitely a right time to have fun with your kid. Wind can only be felt and cannot be seen, so teach your child to notice wind by showing how leaves are blowing in the direction of the wind. Enjoy and learn together on the windy day.

1. Go out and fly kites in the field with your kid.

2. Play frisbee with your child.

3. You can blow bubbles with your child, let your child see how the bubbles are light and float in the air.

4. Prepare colorful windsock or pinwheel and hang in your balcony and see the joy on your little one’s face.

5.Teach your child to prepare paper planes and fly them in the air.

6. Go for a nature walk with your child and let him feel the cool breeze blowing on his face and hair. Let your child explore around. See how fast the clouds are moving up in the sky.

7. Let him float flowers, leaves on the water and see it go with the flow of water.

8. If you can go to a beach take your child and let him enjoy the sound of waves.

9. Show him the wind chimes and let him enjoy the sound it makes due to the wind.

10. Of course you can read a good book with pictures of windmills, wind wane and explain how the wind helps us generate power.