Have Group Story Telling Sessions Regularly

Have Group Story Telling Sessions Regularly

There is no limit to ways in which you can foster creativity in your child at this stage. At this age, your child will just grab every bit of knowledge that he will get from people and things near you. Amongst all the things available, storytelling is an interesting way to make things happen.

This is a simple yet an effective way to induce creativity in kids. For this, it is better to have a group of kids for this activity. You be the initiator. Give a storyline and then ask each child to build on that. You can have certain rules to make it fun, or you can just leave it open to the imagination of the child. All you should ensure is that each child gets a chance and the thread builds up the story. 

In between, you can also add props that will make it more exciting. The whole idea behind this fun storytelling exercise is to build creativity and confidence in your child. Most kids are beaming with ideas, and when they get an outline, they do wonders. This is also a great way of team building and helping each other grow. This kind of storytelling exercises make the kids happy about that fact that they too are capable of creating things on their own. Try it now, and you never know you may have a budding storyteller at home!