Healthy Eating Habits For Your Little One

Healthy Eating Habits For Your Little One
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You want your child to be healthy and inculcate right eating habits starting early on.Include good, nutritious and variety of foods in your child’s diet. In case he rejects a new food item initially, try giving the same food after few days. Also, introduce a new food with a known food. Don’t make it a power struggle between both of you.

Moreover, he should be eating the same foods that other members have.Regular meal times and having food together is important. As your child eats with you, teach him table manners. Model good eating habits yourself. Avoid TV during mealtimes.

Limit intake of processed foods, sugary stuff and junk food. The ideal drinks are water and milk. Include sports, physical activities in his routine. A well balanced nutritious diet along with adequate exercise will promote good health and well-being.