Help and Encourage Him to Improve Himself

Help and Encourage Him to Improve Himself

Behavioural issues are commonly seen in children of this age group. You need to take an initiative to help your child deal with the same.

1. Love yourself: First love your-self. Be a model of self-love and positive self-talk and teach the same to your child. Unconditional love builds a strong foundation for confidence.

2. Give praise: Keep an eye for changes in your child. Whenever you notice a slight improvement, congratulate your rock star. You may even give rewards, which will in turn build self-confidence.

3. Quench their thirst for knowledge: By nature kids of this age group are very inquisitive. They are natural explorers, inventors, analysts. Empower your child by asking questions about their exploration. Prepare him for self-explanatory.

4. Develop the level of focus and concentration: Concentration is like a muscle that requires regular exercise to strengthen. Focus on a reasonable amount of time on a specific task. Enhance to focus on one thing at a time and plan breaks.

5. Socialising skills: Inculcate the value of listening first. Encourage your child to talk effectively, getting along, making friends, interacting with strangers.

6. Build a rapport with your child’s teacher: Good relationship with your child’s teacher will enable you to see your child on the right track.

7. Encourage self-help skills: As a healthy part of normal development in kids, they have to drive to be independent in areas like self-feeding, independent dressing and grooming, having a good awareness about hygiene and assisting parents in daily chores like table setting, clearing the dishes into sink after use, watering the plants, wiping the car clean.