Help Your Child Deal With Darkness

Help Your Child Deal With Darkness

Fear of darkness is a common fear with many kids. The sooner you teach your child to deal with it, the better. As kids grow, their imagination skills also increases and hence dealing with fear of darkness can become an issue.

1. One of the best ways of dealing with darkness is to expose your child to one without hassle. Patience is the key and so is love and care.

2. Explain what exactly is darkness and there is nothing more to it. Understand his discomfort.

3. Have light switches easily accessible to him teach them that he can have the power to switch on the light if he is uncomfortable. This will make him less fearful as he is in control.

4. Never play prank or ridicule your little champ. Do not send him in a room and switch off the lights. Never tease your child or mention his fear in front of relatives or friends.

5. If your child tells you he is scared to go to a dark room, challenge him to do so assuring him that you will be there for him. Reward him with a prize for daring and tell him he is the bravest! Never force or tease him if he tells you that he is scared to enter a dark room.Be consistent and don’t lose hope!

6. Listen to his fears attentively and help him to overcome them.

7. Have a relaxing bedtime routine - freshen up, read him a good bedtime story compliment him and give him a warm hug so he sleeps peacefully.