Help Your Child Deal With Temporary Goodbyes

Help Your Child Deal With Temporary Goodbyes
5y to 6y

Saying goodbye is always a difficult thing for a child to do once they grow attached to anyone, be it things like going to school for the first time, dealing with working parents and when they are staying over at anyone's place for the first time. Here are some ways in which you can help deal with the same:

1. Try to get your child as comfortable as possible as you are preparing to leave. Having your child's favourite toys or play things is a great way to get them comfortable with their new surroundings as you prepare to leave.

2. Try to get him engaged in the environment that he is in. Children who are engaged with an activity or game as you begin to leave your child in the place helps in making them deal with not having you around them, thus making it easier to say goodbye.

3. Make your child comfortable with the people that they will be with. Making sure that your child is familiar and acclimatized to the people that he will be spending time with goes a long way in helping them deal with not having your presence around them.

4. Keep in mind that this process is a gradual one. Do not expect your little one to be comfortable with the people and the places that they have to spend time with immediately, or even in a few days. Your child will take his own time in getting adjusted to a new and relatively strange environment and there.