Help Your Child Develop Socially!

Help Your Child Develop Socially!
Social & Emotional

Social skills are very much necessary for a growing child like your little one. Soon enough, your child will socialize with a lot of people and she is expected to have great mannerisms and socially acceptable behaviour. Here are a few things you should teach your child to tune and refine her social behaviour.

1. Eye contact is one of the most important social skills your child needs to learn. Let her know that she is expected to make eye contact as someone speaks to her.

2. Being polite is a trait of a well mannered child. Teach her the magic words and the context of their usage. This is well appreciated by anyone and everyone who come across your child!

3. Paying attention along with eye contact is really important as well. Your child should actually listen to what someone has to say during an interaction.

4. Let her know that she should reciprocate by responding and participating in an interaction with the person trying to socialize with her.

5. Your child must be willing to let others talk as well. Taking turns and letting others participate in a conversation or during play is a very important aspect of good social skills.

6. Make her understand that she should not interrupt or walk away from an ongoing interaction. Let her know that it is very rude and it can hurt the feelings of the person she is interacting with.

7. Let her know that it is okay to ask questions if she fails to understand something. This helps with better participation in a social interaction.