Help Your Child Speak Correctly

Help Your Child Speak Correctly
3y to 4y

The basis of spoken or conversational language are laid for your little one from the times in his infancy when you would talk to him in joyful reaction to his happy giggling or squealing as replies. By the time that your little one has reached this age, he will be able to have basic conversations with the people he is comfortable with.

1. As expected with the process of learning to speak a language, your child may not always pronounce words and syllables in the way that it is supposed to be done. These are aspects of motor skill development while your child is learning to speak and articulate. The finer aspects of enunciation are things which are learnt over time.

2. While conversing or teaching your little one the proper methods of enunciation, make note of the syllables and letters that your child is finding especially hard to pronounce. It is normal that your child does not understand some of these hence do not be alarmed. Patient and persistent reminders of the right pronunciation is the best way to teach your child, as it is only a matter of getting familiarized with the sounds and the different things to be done to articulate them.

3. Try to engage your child in a conversation that is relevant to him. Kids are naturally inclined to talk about things that they know or are beginning to learn. Being a patient and attentive audience is key to let your child exercise his conversational abilities.

4. Punctuate your child’s recollections and conversations with questions and queries. This is a great way to engage your little one to converse with you, thus making all conversations fun and joyous for your child.