Help Your Child Think Better

Help Your Child Think Better

Your child is always inquisitive at this age, eager to know everything about this wide, wonderful world all around him. You need to answer his queries in a satisfactory way, but you also need to stimulate his creative thinking and mental abilities, so that he learns how to start thinking for himself and figuring things out on his own.

In order to achieve this, provide your child with loads of stimulation. Get him a variety of puzzles, activities, games and books. These will kindle his reasoning ability and provide him with multiple perspectives, thus enabling him to comprehend things better.

Another great way of creative stimulation is to ask your child various interesting questions, which may be based on reality or imagination. For example, you can ask him, “Apart from taking the car to school like we do, how many other ways can you think of for reaching your school?” The answers can be realistic– “We can take the bus,” or imaginative – “We can fly there!”