Help Your Kid Become Well Versed In English

Help Your Kid Become Well Versed In English
Language skills

English though not our national language has become an integral part of our life so much so that even for the admission process in schools, the primary requisite is the knowledge of English. Let it be a early learning process for your child starting from birth.

-Prefer talking to your kid in English so he masters the art of speaking in English.

-Every kid watches cartoons. Subscribe to the English language version so that he tries to understand it in order to enjoy.

-A dictionary is a key for your kid. Don’t be his encyclopedia, let him find the meaning to his queries on his own.

-Ask him to read and write new words and find their meanings, thus completing the same by making a sentence.

-Encourage him to try speaking the language on his own because most kids leave before trying due to peer pressure or due to being an object of fun.