Help Your Kid Learn Spelling The Correct Way

Help Your Kid Learn Spelling The Correct Way
7 to 8 years tip

The method of learning has evolved quite a bit in many years. Now it is more analytical and less of mugging up. In language too, the emphasis is more on learning with practical aspects  than otherwise. While we  always by hearted the spellings, this is not the case with kids nowadays.

A lot of emphasis is on sounds and phonetics. It has been proved that kids who learn english through phonetics have a better understanding of the spellings, and also find it easy to get the correct pronunciation. So, rather than making your child mug up the spelling, allow him to understand the sounds behind the words and get the spellings. This will make your child have a good command over the language skills. However, there are few sounds which are confusing. And, so your child will get a hang of it only with practice.