Help Your Kiddo Fight The 'Mathematics' Ghost!

Help Your Kiddo Fight The 'Mathematics' Ghost!
Cognitive Development

Almost every child is afraid of mathematics but what we often neglect or consider is the fact that kid is not scared of numbers but is terrified with rejection and making mistake. These few tips will help your kid fight the Math Monster

1. Let everything be number based. Buying new toys, paying the bills for the same, how many chocolates to eat and while sharing maintain a ratio. Create an environment where he finds himself in a win win situation.

2. Practice and more practice but together don’t leave him alone.

3. Do not lose patience at his mistakes. Embrace him to make him work harder.

4. Many worksheet and online games and activities are waiting for your child, just take out time and exercise them.

5. Do not compare him with other kids. His morale and confidence will go down which will bring frustration and envy and he will further more run away from math.