Help Your Kiddo Learn About Fruits And Veggies

Help Your Kiddo Learn About Fruits And Veggies

As you nourish your growing child, you must also refine and develop her individual nutritional tastes. Fruits and vegetables should be, as you well know, an intrinsic part of your kid’s diet, not only now, but throughout her life. So make an effort to make her familiar with these.

When you bring fresh veggies and fruits home, show them to your kid and talk to her about them. Every time you bring any new fruit or veggie, make it a point to discuss its color, shape and nutritional value with your child. Also, discuss the season in which these veggies and fruits are available.

Take your kid shopping with you to the market. Let her see the array of colorful fruits and veggies, and also let her pick out a few to buy as per her choice. If possible, take her to a fruit or vegetable garden, where she can enjoy the sight of the produce hanging on the trees and plants.