Help Your Kids' Development by Pushing Their Limits

Help Your Kids' Development by Pushing Their Limits

At this stage, you will see a major cognitive development in your child. He is entering into a phase where everything has to be governed by logic and reasons. He is all set for basic independent problem solving. He may stutter under stress. Help your child’s development by pushing his limits and letting him explore more.

1. Your child is open for exploration, discovery and experimentation. He will learn more if he explore things on his own. Provide him the opportunities where he can explore more about things and the world. A museum visit at this age will inevitably foster exploration and an understanding of perspectives outside of his own.

2. Get him involved in reading books. Regular reading will increase his vocabulary, imagination, and desire to learn. Introduce him with the library or concept of borrowing a book on rent or from friend. This will foster the caring and sharing skills in your child.

3. Provide him the opportunities to make decisions. You can assist your child in decision making but don’t overpower him. Just guide him the possible results of his decisions.

4. Get him involved in non-competitive, cooperative games and activities.Chess is a best example to make him learn patience, decision making and developing new tricks to win.

5. Let your child interact with knowledgeable persons. Interactions with knowledgeable others can foster advancements in thinking and learning that would not be possible in the same timeframe without it.