Help Your Kids Learn Measurement Through Activities

Help Your Kids Learn Measurement Through Activities
7y to 8y

Helping your child understand the concepts of sizes is vital knowledge that a child should have for her day to day activities and there are a number of fun and engaging ways that you can help your little one understand them same. Here are some of them:

1. It is important that when teaching your little one about sizes to have something as a reference to. Remember that your child might not always have the capacity to imagine relatively abstract concepts such as sizes without a visual reference and therefore it is vital for any activity to teach your child about sizes to have a reference level of comparison.

2. Using everyday objects such as bangles, rings, coins or the toys that they play with are better and are more relatable to your child in the concept of understanding sizes and measurements. Familiar objects add a level of comfort in the activity and attention of the child and help in grasping the concepts faster.

3. Activities such as, fitting smaller rings into bigger ones help to understand the dynamic relationship between different shapes and how they fit with each other. Letting your child interact with it helps them associate shapes and sizes, which will consolidate the knowledge of the relation of sizes.

4. Other activates such as "matching organs" or "playing doctor” which involves fitting organs into their respective slots and such similar games is another fun and engaging way to inculcate the concept of size and shapes to your little one.