Helping Your Child Adjust To Unknown Faces

Helping Your Child Adjust To Unknown Faces

Though the fear of strangers is a part of normal development, yet being parents we can do a lot to help the child feel less upset or stop getting upset. Below are the few suggestions:

1. Try to make him comfortable: You can give your child the chance to meet new people by taking him to the park or simply visit your neighbor. If your child gets upset then try to divert him for example by saying let us play all together or simply pass him his favorite toy to make him comfortable.

2. Try working on your child’s independence: Give him a chance to become more independent as let him feed himself, let him explore new environments of play, let him search toys to play. If he feels more independent he might feel more secure around the strangers.

3. Let him solve his problems: Never rush with the solutions to his problems. Let him work on them.

4. Let your child know: If you are leaving your child with the unfamiliar person for the first time with a caretaker or in a prep school, then tell your kiddo that you are leaving him there before you go. Also, tell your little one that he is safe with the person as this is the person you trust.

5. Show your love: Whenever you are back from office or your little one is back from school, he might be upset or sad which is obvious after separation, hear him and help him to deal with it.

6. Be polite: Always remember to be humble and patient and never rush your child to meet the new people if he is not ready as this might increase his fear.