Helping Your Child Learn Basic Science Concepts

Helping Your Child Learn Basic Science Concepts

The one thing that your child must have while learning and understanding science is curiosity. Your child must be curious about things around him. This is certainly not the age where he needs to get big concepts. But what is needed is that he understands the simple things in and around him.

Science is an interesting subject to deal with. What makes it interesting for a child is the fact that it is all around him to play with and explore. Talk about anything: Day, night, the rising sun, stars, earth, rain, water, gravitation, etc. You can explain to your child in a very simple and interesting way. 

Tell him in basic words that are within his understanding. Talk to him at length of these phenomenons that occur around him. Tell him how this happens and the science behind this. And also, allow him to speak his mind. Allow him to say what he has understood. Make sure that even if he is very casual and naive about things, encourage that. Even if his thoughts are irrational and illogical, pay heed to it. This will build his confidence and keep up his interest in the subject. If you tell him that he isn’t good enough, he will soon lose interest in the subject. Science is our way of life in many ways. So, allow your little one to explore this in as many ways as he can.