Helping Your Child Learn Through Pictures

Helping Your Child Learn Through Pictures

Pictures are a great way to teach your child various skills through many activities. She can learn various aspects that help her develop in a much better way through pictures because they help instill what she learnt and will be retained for a much longer time. Here are a few things you can try.

1. Pictionary is a wonderful activity in which every family member can take part. This not only helps your child with creativity, imagination and part whole thinking, but also helps with establishing a bond as a family.

2. Storytelling by means of showing your child pictures can have a greater impact on her than just reading the story to her. This helps provide a visual stimulus to your child so that the impact of the story is made really well.

3. Puzzles based on pictures will help your child develop keen observation skills. Jigsaw puzzles, finding the differences between two pictures, etc. are a few to name, that help her with the mentioned developmental aspects.

4. You can also help enhance her memory and attention to detail by asking her to take a good look at a picture for a short duration and then, let you know all the different things she was able to recognize in the picture. You can even show a few family pictures for this activity.

5. You can help your child make a collage of all the pictures she finds interesting from a newspaper or a magazine. You can further frame it and put it on display. This will open doors to her creativity.