Hold Continuous Conversations With Your Kid

Hold Continuous Conversations With Your Kid

Your child's speech at this stage is developing and expanding with new words daily. The key to developing speech in your kid is to keep talking to them. Have maximum communication with your child. If they are slow to talk, keep asking them questions about their day, things that are random, or if he goes to playschool, then ask about that, etc., and gently encourage him to reply. 

Conversation with children keeps them active in speech and avoids a situation where they become dull, for lack of communication with peers. It also helps develop an active habit of responding to questions that are posed by an elder, else your child might fall for the habit of neglecting and avoiding answering those questions. You could talk to your child not only about his day but also things that he would like as a gift or things that he liked at a recent shop he visited. Such conversations stimulate the child to develop.