Hold Your Kid Tightly And Closely To Show Your Affection

Hold Your Kid Tightly And Closely To Show  Your Affection
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When your child is annoying, don’t lose your cool. Grab your child and give him a long and tight hug. Don't loosen your grip until he begins to squirm and then don't let go immediately. Tell your child this is your favorite game, guaranteed to transform your child's doubt about whether a child is truly loved. A parent’s hug is like a magic wand as it can help children to overcome all the difficulties and miseries.

1. It's easy to be affectionate when your kid is being an angel, but it can be even more powerful to give him a big, loving squeeze after an argument. Hugs are gestures that are both heartwarming and healing at the same time.

2. Hugs and physical touch are important as your kiddo will be comfortable with physical affection. If parents never touch their children they will be deprived of affection. If your kids are deprived affection they will seek it elsewhere.

3. If your kid is naughty and you still hug him, he feels secure with you. If they break something valuable and you hug them, they know their position in the house isn’t in jeopardy.

4. When you had a busy day, had lots of guests, or you have been preoccupied with work, cooking, or life, a good way to reconnect with your kiddo is through a big hug. It says, “I’ll slow down and just be with you.”

5. If you have company over and your kid feels slightly overwhelmed or shy, a cuddle says, “Even though I’m focusing on others right now, I haven’t forgotten about you."