Honing Artistic Skills- Quick Tricks

Honing Artistic Skills- Quick Tricks
Fine Motor

1. To start with, teach your child how important it is to use the different art materials and tools in a safe and responsible way. You can help your child develop knowledge about the differences among art materials like paint, clay, wood etc.

2. With the guidance from her art teacher, encourage her to learn the techniques of shading, colouring and how to use paints, brushes etc.

3. Allow her to give reasons for her preference of colour and choices in the artwork done. For instance, she may say, "She painted flowers red and yellow as these are her favourite colours."

4. Expose her to stories about artists that will help her gain knowledge about how history, culture and visual arts influence each other. For instance, if she has to make a painting on Dusshera, she will depict the Hindu culture in her work. She will try to incorporate Lord Rama killing the ten headed Ravana.

5. Encourage your child to expresses her ideas about personal artwork that refer to an image. For instance, in English, while making a sentence for a particular word, she will depict the word in the picture form. For the word deserted, she may draw a lane depicting an empty look.