How to Boost Your Child's Decision-Making Skills?

How to Boost Your Child's Decision-Making Skills?
2y to 3y

Growing up, your child will need to make a lot of decisions on the way he chooses to behave, the friends he makes, the food he wants to eat and so on. To him, each of these things will have the same intensity and he will not differentiate between them based on importance. Choosing what to eat may be one of the toughest decisions. Here is how you can help him make good decisions.

1. Your child is very observant about his surroundings and he will observe you more than you think. He will hold you as a role model in order to figure things out for himself or he will ask you for help.

2. When he asks you what he should do or what your opinion is, do not straight away give him the answer. Instead, lay out all the facts and figures before him and help him assemble them. This way, he can make an informed decision.

3. During conversations, let him know when a decision needs to be made. Often, your child may not even realize that he needs to choose something unless told so. Therefore, give him real and hypothetical scenarios where he needs to decide what to do.

4. Boost his confidence levels by appreciating him when he is right. This will influence him positively and will make him feel like he can make decisions for himself.

5. At times he feels like he really does not know what he can do, give him a bunch of options. Allow him to validate each one to see which suits best.