How To Convince Your 3-Year Old To Go To Pre-School?

How To Convince Your 3-Year Old To Go To Pre-School?

At this astage, your child may get a little cranky when you start introducing him to things all of a sudden. So the best way to go about it is always keep some time in hand so that he can adjust to new discoveries and environments. Start preparing your child at least one month in advance before his preschool starts. Explain that he will be going daily but mom will be bringing him back afterwards every day, so that he does not feel like he has been left there indefinitely.

Build up your child’s anticipation and sense of familiarity towards his preschool. Show him pictures of the school, of other kids playing happily together and doing fun activities there. If the preschool has something special like a bird cage with pet birds, or an aquarium, or a nice play area, tell him about those too.

Engage your child in activities similar to the ones he will be doing in his preschool. Talk to the preschool teacher during enrolment, and ask for some tips on things you can do with your kid at home. This would ease the process and help him adapt to preschool easily.