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How To Convince Your Child To Limit His TV Watching Hours?

How To Convince Your Child To Limit His TV Watching Hours?
6 to 7 years tip

Moving pictures – peppy music – funny voices! The television is a thing of wonder and awe to your child, who will be inevitably drawn to it every chance she gets, at this stage of her life. Under such circumstances, it can be difficult for you at times to wean your little one away from this entertainment box.

Television is actually everyone’s favourite. Thus, to explain and persuade your child to stop watching television can be a herculean task! You can explain things to her with illustrations, including the harmful effects of watching too much of TV on one's health. Come to an agreement with her on daily time periods permitted for TV watching, what programs she can watch, etc.

Moreover, keep in mind that your child will learn from observing you and the family. So monitor the family’s TV watching time too. If your kid sees a family member watching TV during all his or her free time, it will not be the best example for her.