How To Cope With Your Child's dawdling Tantrums?

How To Cope With Your Child's dawdling Tantrums?

A significant aspect of being an efficient parent is being at the right place at the right time. As a parent, your life is probably dictated by the clock. Unfortunately, it is not so with your little darling! Your kid does not have a developed concept of time yet, and if you hurry her too much, she may start throwing tantrums. You need to handle her with patience.

If your child habitually dawdles, then you have to be super-efficient. Prepare ahead of time. Keep your child’s bag, uniform and identity card in their designated places. Ensure that your child goes to bed early so that getting up in the morning doesn’t become a hectic race. 

The best way to get your child used to being punctual is to set routines in place for her every step of the way. For example, you can have different routines for getting ready for school in the morning, and for her bedtime preparation at night.