How to Curb Your Child's Rebellious Nature?

How to Curb Your Child's Rebellious Nature?
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If your child displays difficult behavior by rebelling against everything, there is most definitely a really good reason behind it. Dealing with this and correcting her behavior can be tedious in the long run if not curbed right from the start. Here are a few tips to help your child.

1. Give your time some amount of responsibility. Choose a set of chores she can handle on her own, based on her temperament. This will make her feel important as she thinks that you rely on her for something to be done. When she feels that way, she will display less defiance.

2. Do not react too much when she is being very difficult. The moment she realizes that her behavior has little or no effect on you, she will see that there is no purpose at all. This can help up to an extent, but make sure she does not feel neglected or ignored when you try this trick.

3. Have you spoken to her about the consequences of her actions? If not, now is the time. Let her know that bad behavior will not be entertained and there will be consequences if she continues to behave that way.

4. Show her who's the boss. Let her know that you can punish her if she keeps being defiant. Give her a slight punishment, which will make her realize that you are not just throwing empty threats at her. But remember to pacify her later as she is only a child.

5. Positive reinforcement truly helps with rebellious behavior. Encourage and reward her when she behaves well. This will make her feel appreciated. And once she gets a taste of it, she will try and behave well just to feel appreciated!