How To Develop Your Child's Social Skills?

How To Develop Your Child's Social Skills?
  • At this stage, alongside other skills, your child's social skills too are shaping up quite fast. Social skills are essential for everyone. Now that your child is growing up, you need to help him in conversing with people outside the immediate family circle. Take him to parks, playgrounds or market places. Involve him in conversations with new people. This would help him overcome his shyness. 
  • Train your child in the etiquette of talking to someone new. Do it by demonstration if necessary. Tell the little one what to say and how to say it. Make him repeat it a few times so as to ensure that he has understood it correctly. Take your child out to meet new people and allow him to interact with them.
  • Parks and playgrounds are the best places as you will find many kids of the same age group as your child and this will make it easier for your kid to interact with them. Try and make your kid meet more and more people outside the family circle so as to hone his social skills. Teach him how to interact with people of all age groups. However, always do it under your supervision until your child is of an age where he can decide who to interact with and how.