How To Enhance Your Child's Communication Skills

How To Enhance Your Child's Communication Skills

Your kid is now a full-fledged little chatterbox. Learning how to communicate is an important aspect of her overall development. Here are some important tips to help your child develop her speech skills.

Every child wishes to be heard. So first and foremost, make sure that you spend ample quality time with your child. Ask her to narrate the day’s events – for example, what she did in school, any special incident that happened, how she felt about it, etc. Listen to your child first, and let her talk to her heart’s content. Do not interrupt or correct your child while she speaks. 

You can also play speech skill games with your little one, where you both enact dialogues and scenes from various make-believe situations. For example, you can pretend to be a shopkeeper and she can be a customer, or you can be a parent and she can be a school teacher. This will be a fun exercise while teaching her how to respond in different social scenarios.