How To Help Your Kiddo Let Go Of His Habit Of Biting?

How To Help Your Kiddo Let Go Of His Habit Of Biting?

Your child may often resort to biting as a part of expressing of his anger and frustration over something, or while he is throwing a temper tantrum, which can be harmful to both people involved. While this can be a tricky thing to deal with, the following can help in doing so:

1. Understanding what causes your child to get stressed and agitated and defusing such situations before the child reaches the point of getting too stressed is important in curbing your child's biting habit.

2. Being patient and persistent when the child is angry and uncooperative is also very important in avoiding your child from the habit of biting in anger. Stern, rigid instructions may have a rebound effect on your child, causing them to get more scared and agitated. Hence being patient and persistent with the child goes a long way in calming him down and get him to stop biting in anger.

3. Gentle physical restraint may sometimes be required when your child gets very uncooperative, to avoid him harming both himself and others around him and keep him still while you try and talk to him. Remember not to be very harsh or cause pain to your little one when trying to restrain him, as doing so may compound the problem.

4. Once he is a little more cooperative, calmly talk to your child and find out why he was agitated. Calm reasoning can often reveal the stress triggers for your child and you can keep them in mind and aptly avoid them.