How To Identify A Kinesthetic Learner

How To Identify A Kinesthetic Learner

Kinesthetic learners do things naturally and learn by action.These kids are natural doers and they enjoy learning when they do things by discovering on their own. If your child is an active learner who enjoys reading aloud, tracks words with a finger, takes time in memorizing and enjoys doing hand on activities, then no doubt your child is a kinesthetic learner.

1. Observe how your child plays sports or listens to music or paints.Your child will have great hand-eye coordination and quick reactions and loves trying out new things.  Your child will have high energy level hence make sure you enroll for outdoor physical activities.

2. Your child will learn best by touching and creating things. During learning time, your child will use fingers to count or point at letter while reading.

3. When your child talks he will be using gestures a lot. However he might not enjoy listening to long talks.So try to have short conversation and smaller reading time else he will lose interest.When you read a book with your child have different rooms to make it interesting.

4. Enjoy playing with play dough, lego blocks, clay with your child.

5. Make your child to draw sketches or diagrams of lessons learnt. You can use flashcards to explain a lesson or math problem.

Learning by doing and hands on experience by your kid would be his forte of learning.