How To Identify If Your Child Is Color Blind?

How To Identify If Your Child Is Color Blind?

If you notice that your 5-6 year old is not showing interest in colouring the pictures or is using wrong colour for leaves/flowers/mud, etc., take this issue seriously. She will show signs as follows:

1. She may be vague about identifying colours, smells, food before eating rather than seeing and selecting, and is sensitive to bright lights.

2. She may show a dislike for reading books with colored pages, but is able to identify clearly orange and yellow, then you have to be alert. This could be the starting symptoms of color blindness.

3. Check for any family traits and if you have a history of colour blindness running down in your family.

4. She may find it difficult to recognize particular colors like green and red light. Especially the ones at signals.

These could be some probabilities that indicate a potential color blindness. Consult your doctor and seek medical intervention if required.