How To Imbibe Faith For Love In Your Child?

How To Imbibe Faith For Love In Your Child?
5y to 6y

Actions speak louder than words” goes the adage and with good reason too! As parents our love and affection for our child is completely understood by them. But, this concept of love and affection is something that is ever changing as your child is growing up and as parents you should know how to adapt and mold yourself to providing the love and support that your child might need at this age.

1. Being verbal about your love for your child is a great practice that parents can do to reaffirm to your little one that you love and care for them, come what may. Hearing that his father and mother have his back all the time, your child will naturally be joyous and cheerful in all his activities.

2. Failure is a great stepping stone to success; and though failure can be a bitter pill to swallow for your child initially, being patient and loving with your child, showing and explaining to him that failure is not the end of everything, but a lesson to be learnt as we keep moving forward in life. Reassuring your child, being a patient ear for them to talk to can help them vent out their disappointment, allowing you an opportunity for you to lovingly reassure your little one that all will be well.

3. Be patient and loving with your child, even if the situation is very demanding of you to exercise patience. Remember that your child’s motives are always pure and unbiased and the mistakes that he makes are often because of ignorance or of lack of practice or experience. Being reassuring and kind at these junctures does a lot to prevent your child from being demotivated and saddened at failures and will keep him motivated to do more.

4. Having a positive outlook and approach to your child and the challenges he faces on a day to day basis is always a better approach rather than being stern and looking down at his failures.