How To Increase Awareness In Your Child?

How To Increase Awareness In Your Child?

Your child is no longer a helpless infant – he is becoming a little person who is rapidly learning about the world around him. You need to guide him and enhance his growing consciousness of his environment. Sharing news and views is an interesting way to increase your child's awareness. 

Share with your child bits of news that would interest him, but obviously not very serious or gory stuff. For example, you can tell him about a new space discovery, or about wildlife or the environment. If there are pictures about these topics in the newspaper, you can cut them out and he can make an interesting news scrapbook.

Ensure that your little one listens to you and understands what you say. Discuss previous topics that you had told him about earlier, and see how much he has remembered. Encourage him to ask lots of questions. Your child will be well informed in every respect.