How To Let Your Little One Have A Sense Of Independence

How To Let Your Little One Have A Sense Of Independence
Self perception

The older your little one gets, the more independent he becomes. Now, he wants to do things on his own to create an individual identity for himself. As a parent it is important to set some limits for your little one, but sometimes it is okay to let him take the lead. In this context, the first step towards this would be, to let him do his work independently.

He being able to do his work alone with great accomplishment and words of encouragement from you, will certainly boost his confidence to continue like this. If you have assigned a job to him, let him see through it no matter how long it takes. If you are doing something like-cooking or putting together furniture or setting up a dinner table, ask him to help you. He might not be able to do it properly, but you trusting him with some sort of responsibility, will certainly make him happy and motivated. Let him assist you to stir the dish or ask him to arrange the plates and napkins. Consistently, give your love and support to your little one to strike out on his own.