How To Make Your Kid Inclined Towards Art?

How To Make Your Kid Inclined Towards Art?
5y to 6y
Fine Motor

Arts and crafts can be super fun ways of spending quality time with your child. Playing with colors will help your child's development in various ways. She will be able to identify colors, she can improve her grip as she holds onto a color pencil, it will improve her hand eye coordination and it can also help her by stimulating her creativity. Here are a few ways you can help.

1. Have a spot in your house where she can get creative. Give her all the art supplies like colors and paper. Also, set up a table and a chair which are to be used only for coloring as it can get really messy.

2. Introduce finger painting to your child. This is something that is very much enjoyed by children at this age. Take a palette and pour some different colored paint onto it. Give your child a large sheet of paper and demonstrate how she can go about it. This may create quite a mess, so get ready to do some cleaning!

3. Try creating art with playdough. You can make playdough at home or purchase it from the market. Your child will love getting a feel of the squishy texture of the playdough. This will also improve her sensory abilities. Help her make shapes from the playdough.

4. You can also give her a set of non toxic crayons and show her how to get busy with them. You can draw a picture for her or print a drawing off the internet and show her how to color.

5. Always remember to appreciate your child's work. Show her how proud you are of her work by putting it on display. This further motivates her to keep going.