How To Prevent Cold For Your Little One?

How To Prevent  Cold For Your Little One?
Health & Hygiene
  • Your little one's immunity is still not as strong as adults' at this point. Your child can get sick when someone who's got a cold touches an object that's later touched by your child. Washing hands is the best defense. Teach your child to do it after every bathroom trip, before every meal, and after playing at school or at home. 
  • Also keep a hand sanitizer handy, and teach your child to use it frequently. Common cold is a communicable disease and can be caught by something as simple as using a towel of someone who already has it. The best defence against it is to maintain a good hygiene at all times. Use clean towels for your child.
  • If someone in the house has cold make sure they stay away from your child as much as possible. During school hours instil in your child a habit of using hand sanitizer after touching any surface or shaking hands with someone who has cold. Also teach the little one to use it in general before and after having their meal. These few steps can help ensure that your child is safe from common cold as far as possible.