How To Prevent Your Child From Using A Bad Word?

How To Prevent Your Child From Using A Bad Word?

Telling your child that a word is 'bad' just increases your child's fascination with it. Kids grasp very quickly so we should be very careful about what we speak in front of them. They are small, they don’t realise the consequences of what they say. Teaching appropriate language to your child is a big challenge at this stage.

Mentioned below are few tips, which can help you deal with swearing in kids.

1. You must explain why the word is problematic and give your child substitutes.

2. You should give your child an opportunity to experiment with the word safely.

3. You need to eliminate any power struggle that might be causing your child to torment you with his new bad word.

4. You should set rules at home and make sure you don’t use such words

5. Try finding alternate words. Expand your kid’s vocabulary. Teach him to say ''I am feeling angry.'' Ask him to count numbers. This might help calm him and not use swear words.

6. Explain to your little one that his friend will feel bad hearing such words and how he would feel if someone used the word on him.

7. Cut the use of TV and gadgets. Make sure he doesn’t watch such shows where cuss words are used.

8. Don’t overreact if your kid uses any inappropriate word in front of some one. Manage the situation. Keep your calm and explain later on to him so that he doesn’t feel humiliated or embarrassed.

9. You can encourage your child to pick up few new words from newspaper daily and help him to identify if they are good words to learn their meaning and use them in own sentences.

10. You can also guide him on words that are provocative/unfriendly in nature and thus, are not to be used with friends and relatives.