How To Teach Your Kid To Be Appreciative?

How To Teach Your Kid To Be Appreciative?
2y to 3y

Being appreciative is a very important quality that your kid needs to learn as he grows up. Being appreciative of what he receives helps him know that gratitude is an important aspect of interpersonal relationships. Here are a few ways to inculcate this important aspect in him:

1. Encourage him to say "please" and "thank you" when he is asking for something from you, any of his elders, or even his peers. Practice this habit in front of your child and make sure that your child notices it. In time even he will start to know that he must be respectful and grateful to the people around him.

2. Inculcating these values as morals of bedtime stories goes a long way imparting the message of gratefulness in your child. He is often very attentive and receptive during storytelling and hence, it is a great time to instill these values in him while he is being focused and attentive.

3. Habituating your child to say, "thank you" when someone helps him or when someone gives him anything that he likes is also a great value to teach your little one. Remind him to say, "thank you" every time someone passes him a toy or gives him what he asks for and follow it with a smile.

4. Physical actions of appreciation, such as a handshake, a hug, or a kiss on the cheek, also show and help your child to express their gratitude to people around him. Encourage him to do so around known people so that he can see their happy faces and take joy in the attention and happiness that they are giving him.