How To Work On Your Child's Accent!

How To Work On Your Child's Accent!

Children will have command on language and pick up from as early as 4 months. They start talking from 18 months and can understand and start to frame correct sentences in the language you have been interacting with your child.

When your child starts learning a new foreign language like English, he is unable to speak it in a proper way. It will take time for him to learn it with an accent. As a parent, you are the pillar of support in his learning journey. The earlier your teach your child, the faster he picks up and is confident to communicate when he grows up.

1. Your child is exposed to various styles of language around his surroundings.Your child will pick up the accent and language that is spoken at school.He will learn pronunciation from his friends at school, kids he plays at park or from the daycare.So keep correcting his language.

2. Read story books at bedtime, have role plays with him, make him watch English cartoon shows on television or on YouTube, it will give him the idea of how the language is spoken.

3. Constantly speak and correct his mistakes.

4. Have a set routine for teaching English at home ,have short sessions daily when your child is in good mood.He will pick it up faster.

5 Use of Flashcards, stories, songs, are a great way to teach and improve vocabulary for your child.

6. Try to teach your child to frame sentences for everyday situations, before you know he would be speaking great English.