Identify And Praise Kind Behavior Around You

Identify And Praise Kind Behavior Around You
2y to 3y

As your child will begin to get an exposure to pretty much everything around him, it is important for you to enforce as well as positively reinforce your child’s good behavior. You can do so by following the tips mentioned.

1. Point out at the good your child does and praise him just as much as you tell him off when he does otherwise. This helps motivate him to continue displaying behavior that you approve. Make sure to give him a hug and a kiss, which will be registered in his mind for a long time.

2. Teach your child different ways to handle things with great care. This can be his belongings, like toys or just things around the house. This will help him understand that all of his actions will typically have consequences. Do let him know when he does something that can be hurtful or damaging to people or objects around him.

3. Always remember to speak softly and kindly while you are around him. As your child strongly believes that you are his greatest role model, he will tend to imitate you and your actions.

4. Narrate various stories that promote kind behavior and let your child know that no kind deed goes unnoticed. Reward your child every time he displays kind behavior as this helps reinforce positivity in him.

5. Keep a close eye while your child is playing with his friend or a group of friends. Observe his behavior and pick right from wrong. Let him know the same so he understands that he needs to be kind to his friends.