If You Feel You Need To Call A Doctor - Do Not Delay, Take Immediate Action

If You Feel You Need To Call A Doctor - Do Not Delay, Take Immediate Action
  • Your child is having an all round development going on at this stage. While you are completely up and about when it comes to understanding your child's development everyday, there might still be things that can confuse you. Call your doctor any time you or another caregiver has concerns about your child’s speech and language development. 
  • Be aware of fundamentals that point to a possible developmental delay, such as when your child does not make sounds that are expected. Your doctor will conduct a physical exam and ask questions about your child’s medical history. This information can help your doctor identify developmental patterns and assess whether any other conditions, such as hearing loss, are interfering with development.
  • The speech and language development of the child is a crucial stage and you must be vigilant of this phase as a parent. Keep a close eye on how the child proceeds with her speech sessions. Is she adapting well to learning new words? Can she comprehend the meanings of new phrases? Is she able to hear it properly? These are a few questions, which, if answered properly will determine the health of her speech and language development. So if you find any anomaly in her speech and language development which worries you and you feel like a doctor’s advice is necessary, do not delay in consulting one.