Imaginative Play- A Way of learning with Fun

Imaginative Play- A Way of learning with Fun

If there is anything that you want to gift your child at this stage, foster his imagination. Imagination is an extremely powerful word in every sense. And for a child, it is all the more important. That’s because your child is just about exploring different areas of his existence. He is still new to several things, both in terms of understanding and knowledge.

So, what he can actually do best at this age is to imagine. Imagine anything and everything that he can do. Don’t ever stop your child from imagining anything. Many times, it may happen that what he comes up with is irrational and bizarre. But that’s perfectly alright because it is this imagination that will open his mind towards several other things. It is this imagination that will help him understand new things and even discover new facts of life.

There are several games that you can build around imagination. You can actually play them with your child. Something like building a story with a prompt, or looking at the clouds and imagining something around it! When your child has your support for anything, he will do even better than you what you expect out of him. So, let him imagine and you too imagine with him. You never know where it takes him to!