Imbibing Self Love In Your Child

Imbibing Self Love In Your Child
Family Bonding

Your child is much more conscious of the world and people around him. He will go through loads of new experiences, some positive and some negative. It is important for you to now build up his self-confidence so that he can face even untoward experiences with confidence. Your kid needs to love himself.

Self love comes only when your child feels that he is loved by his dear ones. It is only when you become appreciative of him that he can start loving himself. This will in turn build up his confidence and self-esteem.

Your child is special and unique in his own way, and you as a parent need to understand this. Do not try to make your child a mirror image of his more talented older sibling, or draw comparisons between him or any other child from neighbourhood or relatives. Acknowledge and accept the individuality of your child and love him for what he is.