Importance Of Appreciation And Celebrations

Importance Of Appreciation And Celebrations
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No matter how young your child is, it is always best if you try and appreciate her, irrespective of how tiny her efforts may be. This will have a positive influence on your child, which in turn, encourages her to try hard and do better in various activities in her day to day life.

1. Celebrate when your child wins a competition or does a great job with her tests. Have a family dinner every once in a while. This also helps impart family values.

2. Take your child on a trip to the park as a way of motivating her when she might seem too hesitant to do something.

3. Show that you are always there for her by physically being present at her play dates and games. Your presence is generally enough to help her feel secure and confident.

4. Show how much you appreciate her by making gestures, like smiling when you commend her on a job well done, hugging her, and clapping as she is performing something. This is sure to bring her spirits up with any task she sets her mind about.

5. Remember not to "bribe" her as a way of getting her to do something, as this can have a negative impact altogether. This can be as simple as giving her a chocolate on completion of something. This will condition her mind into doing as she is told just so she can get the chocolate.

6. Encouragement and motivation will take your child to new heights in her future as this will make a huge difference with her approach to various aspects of life.