Importance Of Cleaning Up After Play

Importance Of Cleaning Up After Play
3y to 4y

Discipline and manners are some things that are meant to be woven into a child's everyday life, as a way of promoting healthy early learning in your child. This can help your child become a well-behaved individual who is very likely to be appreciated by all as he grows up!

1. Help your child clean up after himself after playing with all of his toys. It is very much understood that your child will probably throw his stuffed animals in one direction and all of his building blocks in the other. But let your child realize that it is impotant to pick up after himself as this does not just impart good discipline, it also teaches him to take care of his belongings.

2. Familiarize your child with the aspect of cleanliness. Ask her to lend you a hand after you have guests over. Depending on how old, or how young your child is, rather, suggest her that you need help with simple chores like clearing up the table or picking up the books and placing them where they rightfully belong.

3. Make it a practise for your child to pick up after herself even if she is at her friend's house or at a playdate. This will create a positive vibe at the host's house and they will love having your little one over again and again!

4. Make cleaning up a fun activity for your child so that it will not bore or annoy her. Play music, sing rhymes together and make cleaning up a competition so it will be more of a bonding activity for you and your child.